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Welcome to my personal website. Here you will find information about my business activities, opinion about different issues and other things I find important to publish.

Partnerships beyond business interests

Together we are stronger. What matters to me the most is providing maximum value to those who are close to me: business partners, friends and clients – both in good and bad times.

In today’s superficial world, we tend to forget that our value is not defined by what we own, but what we share with people around us. Be it opportunity, knowledge or guidance, supporting each other makes us all stronger.

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Digital marketing and transformation management for hotels and resorts

Daniel Diosi & Partners is a multiple award-winning hotel marketing and business development consulting company. Specializing in online brand growth for 5-star hotels and resorts in top destinations. Our clients are market-leading independent hotels.

Since 2015 we have worked with a large number of independent hotel brands and provided occasional support for management teams of chain hotels. With an extensive successful background in 5-star digital business development for hotels resorts in Vietnam, Maldives, Thailand, New York, London and further top destinations – you can rest assured that we can bring valuable expertise to your hotel management.

Market research based brand audit solution for startups and SME

Brand Auditor is a pro-level brand audit solution for startups, small-medium enterprises. Following an industry-standard framework, audits conducted based on proprietary data and insights from market research companies and data brokers.

Get a reality check of your brand marketing communications, and make informed decisions to improve. Brand Auditor insights are based on proprietary market research data from data brokers and surveying, following industry-standard analytical frameworks. Our reports turn data into reliable insights – so you can make informed marketing and branding decisions.

About me

  • Early years

    I was born in 1985 and raised in Hungary. From the beginning of primary school, my entrepreneurial mindset was apparent. At the age of ten, I was getting my homework done by geeks, in return of protection against bullies. As a teenager, I was selling mobile phones to make some extra cash. In the early 2000s, when the Internet became available, I set up a primitive “shell game” website with SMS payments. This was the beginning of my digital entrepreneurial journey.

  • Young professional

    After graduating from KJF University in 2009, I started as a digital marketing manager at a ski resort in Switzerland. Introducing digital marketing techniques, the results were so impressing that regional tourism board leaders often invited me to take part in strategic discussions. In 2011 I moved to London to offer freelance digital marketing support services for various small businesses. A couple of months later I accepted an invitation to Malta, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean.

  • Consulting years

    In early 2010, the travel industry started to go digital. My skills were in high demand, so I got busy with online brand growth, advertising and marketing consultancy projects for hotels and resorts. In 2016 I registered my consulting company specializing in hotel digital marketing management. As a marketing consultant, I have been working with dozens of high-profile clients and government organizations internationally, covering the Maldives, US, UK, Vietnam and Malta.

  • Budding entrepreneur

    In 2018 I became interested in business management so I enrolled an MBA program at the University of Maryland, US. The same year, I got into startup launches and business development. My consulting business dCommerce was expanded with leading marketing experts. Together we became Daniel Diosi & Partners. It was a strategic move to secure our position in the hotel consulting market. As a team, we could offer a lot more value to our clients. In 2019 I launched Team Analytics, an employee feedback measurement startup. Today, besides working with our consulting clients, I lead and manage our new startup, Brand Auditor.

“Doing average things will get you average results. Exceptional achievements need exceptional efforts”

Daniel Diosi

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