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Daniel Diosi & Partners

Hi, I’m Daniel

People know me as a business development consultant for luxury hotels and resorts.


Business development program


Transform your average hotel business into an super attractive, highly profitable and valuable brand in 24 months.


A powerful digital transformation program from renowned experts

I have teamed up with Maria & Miles, two renowned experts to offer a 24-month business development program that have transformed several 5-star luxury hotels and resorts into hot, leading brands with outstanding production and profitability on retail (website, OTA & direct) channels.

Starting from $200,000 including all media and management expenses, this program is an exceptional investment. Besides offering high financial returns both short and long term, it is a perfect solution to secure the present and future success of your hotel brand.


Growth beyond measure


Achieving iconic status allows hotels to move away from the two factors people look at when booking - price and location, that transactional mindset that limits average brands to outgrow their competition.

Development of GOP of our clients vs their competitive set.
The St Regis Hotel, 5th Avenue, New York. Guests of this hotel do not need special offers to book.

The St Regis Hotel, 5th Avenue, New York. Guests of this hotel do not need special offers to book.

Growing an independent hotel brand to iconic status is a dream for most hotel stakeholders.

Our job is to make it happen by providing directions and leading all business development projects. During the process we will develop growth strategies, design beautiful marketing campaigns and implement online conversion techniques that will drive results well beyond revenue and ROI.

I will be in charge to lead, direct, manage and monitor the work of all contractors and 3rd parties (e.g. media agency, influencers, advertising agencies) participating in your business development project.

Read this FAQ to determine if this is the right service for you.