Brand Auditor: possibly the most accurate way to find out how your customers see your company

At Brand Auditor, we do professional external brand audits for startups, SME and fast-growing companies – delivering data-rich, reliable insights and competitive benchmarks based on diverse data sources. Based on diverse data and information, our reports are built to deliver reliable, unopinionated insights.

In this article we will summarize how we do our audits, so you can get familiar with our procedures behind the scenes.

Industry-standard brand audit framework

Our data collection, surveying and analysis procedures are regulated by the same industry-standard systems and guidelines used by global companies – including Gucci, Adidas or BMW.

Diverse proprietary market research data

Our analytical reports include diverse proprietary data and information acquired from various market research, customer surveying and auditing companies.

Strict audit verification

Each audit is conducted, reviewed and verified by five independent auditors to eliminate the chance of biased opinions or inaccurate information.

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Where do we get our data from?

To ensure we deliver objective, data-based brand audits, we follow strict, industry-standard procedures when acquiring and collecting data from various sources.

  • Acquiring data from market research companies
  • Conducting our own data collection
  • Evaluations by multiple independent expert auditors

Data collection and acquisition

The two ways through which data is collected include primary data and secondary data.

Primary data is the original data that is collected first hand by us. The most common primary research tools are surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews, and observation.

Secondary data is the data that has already been collected and is readily available. This data is pre-existing public information, for instance, government statistics; commercial sources like paid industry reports; and internal sources i.e. the market data that the organization already has in-house.

We acquire data from various sources, including data brokers and global market research companies:

  • Nielsen
  • Kantar
  • Gartner
  • GfK
  • IRI
  • Dynata

Data processing

We use Google Cloud Platform to make our data work. Diverse data types from various sources are automatically aggregated and converted to industry-standard formats that are compatible with the formulas used in our final reports.

All scores, numbers, graphs and charts in the final brand audit reports are generated by formulas – without any human manipulation that might alter the final results.

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