Why do I help startups to find investors, and how?

How I got into the startup world

I started to get involved with startups as a marketing and business development consultant back in 2017. During my time in Vietnam, I got introduced to several travel-tech and marketing tech startups, mainly from Singapore, Hong Kong, and South Korea.

Back then, I did not have too much money. But I could help these entrepreneurs by introducing them to investors and support their business planning and early organic growth management with my consultancy.

In late 2018 when I started accumulating some capital, I made my first investments in various things. Lands, real estate, stocks, and gave some money to startups as well. I got knee-deep in the startup world and built a valuable global network of investors, consultants and people who can get things done fast.

I help investors to find good investment opportunities

Today, startup founders approach me daily to help to find investors. The harsh reality is that most pitches I receive are super lame. Ridiculous. The most common reason these pitches suck is the lack of competence in presenting the business model, financial details, and strategy. Lackluster pitches will not make it to potential investors.

Great business is happens where supply and demand meets. It is easy to understand that.

There are lots of people out there with spare money, who are actively looking for investment opportunities beyond bank interest, stocks and real estate. Some of them hope that they will once buy into the next Google or Apple, a small startup starting from a garage, turning their $100,000 into tens of millions within a decade.

Most investors are expecting a 20-25% growth on a yearly basis when investing in startups. In most cases they will have portfolio of 5-10 investments which of one or two will succeed, but the rest will fail.

My job is not to help startups, but to help investors to find good picks

What I do for startups is helping them to prepare business models, financial plans and marketing strategies that will contribute greatly for early business success – and that will get the attention of potential investors.

Regretfully, I cannot help every single startup to work out winning strategies. Some are willing to pay for my consultancy to get their business concept right and to gain access to my investor network.

For those who do not want to pay for my help, I am happy to recommend more cost efficient tools and solutions to improve their business plan, and will always welcome them back once they are ready to pitch to investors.

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