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AI Business Assistant, Asian Luxury Demand, Eco-Tourism & Canva Tool – July 7, 2023

Welcome to your weekly 2-minute read to keep your digital marketing game up to speed. We’re thrilled to announce that our AI Business Assistant is now fully operational and ready to streamline your operations. Don’t miss out; apply to open an account today! Now, let’s uncover the key travel trends, an exciting marketing tool, and a helpful tip to elevate your digital marketing.

Major Market Changes & Trends

Our partners at GuestRadar have identified a promising uptick in demand and bookings for high-end Asian destinations. That’s a silver lining for luxury hoteliers in these locales. However, European domestic travel and departures to other continents are witnessing a slowdown, possibly linked to economic factors.

Interesting Tourism Trends

Eco-tourism is seeing a considerable rise, as today’s travelers seek sustainable and responsible experiences. This trend is particularly suitable for hotels located in natural settings, offering them an advantage to promote local, green, and sustainable practices. By incorporating eco-friendly operations, such as waste management, water conservation, and supporting local communities, hotels can cater to this growing segment while contributing positively to the environment. Plus, showcasing these initiatives can enhance your brand image and attract like-minded customers.

Marketing Tool of the Week

If you’re looking to boost your visual content game, Canva is your go-to tool. Perfect for all hotels, this easy-to-use platform can help design attractive graphics for your website, social media, or marketing campaigns. Let’s say you’re promoting a new spa package. With Canva, you can create eye-catching infographics highlighting the benefits, in no time. Its wide range of templates and customization options make it a winner. Enhance your visual storytelling with Canva!

Tip of the Week

To manage hotel digital marketing effectively, it’s crucial to analyze your website traffic segments. Using platforms like Revinate, you can understand who your main website visitors are and tailor your content accordingly. If most of your traffic comes from females aged 30-45, for instance, you can create special offers that appeal to this demographic. Revinate allows you to gain these insights easily, making it a crucial tool for your marketing strategy.

Wrapping Up

That’s a wrap for this week! If our insights sparked your interest, share this newsletter with your colleagues. We value your input, so let us know your thoughts or suggest topics you’d like us to cover in the future. Stay in the know and keep pushing the boundaries of travel industry innovation. Until next week!

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