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Announcing a strategic partnership between Optimum Hospitality and Daniel Diosi & Partners

I am personally thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Optimum Hospitality, a Vietnam-based international asset management company.

Since 2016, I and my company Daniel Diosi & Partners have collaborated with the founding members on various projects with tremendous tourism development significance.

About Optimum Hospitality

The founding members of Optimum Hospitality have a decades-long, exceptional hospitality management track record in Vietnam, which includes various luxury 5-star resort openings.

Among the specialization of Optimum Hospitality, there is

  • Asset management
  • Asset consulting
  • Project development
  • Crisis management

Particular activities include

  • Owner representation
  • Advice on investment strategies
  • Financial monitoring
  • Review and advice on contracts
  • Revenue management
  • Franchise and operator affiliations
  • Operational reviews
  • Capital expenditure and control

What value can we bring to Optimum Hospitality and its clients?

Our group specialises in business development in the digital space. We are always up to date in technology, data analytical competencies, and travel marketing — which has benefited a large number of companies and government organizations since 2016.

In most cases, hotels want to work with us to improve their brand awareness, popularity, direct demand drivers — anything to generate increased revenue online.

We have an array of cutting-edge measurement and analytical tools to x-ray the online performance of not only hotels but any company. Going beyond basic web conversions and social media stats, we have our own multi-channel analytical platform and in September 2020 we launched a market-research-based brand audit solution.

Brand Auditor can cost-effectively measure brand awareness and brand perceptions globally, giving precise insights regarding what people think about any brand.

Our partner company is currently developing a more versatile market research solution with multidimensional data architecture that is suitable for scientific statistical data processing. The system is already active and available for free testing. It was used to take a 5,000 sample from the population and estimate pre-election participation rates in the 2021 pre-election of Hungary, with 93% accuracy. The public front-end of Market Sampler will be launched in December 2021.

Significant competivie edge

With our data-driven marketing intelligence tools, our clients and partners can gain a significant competitive edge over their competitors, where business decisions are taken based on primitive guesswork and assumptions.

Opposed to most marketing consulting and performance agencies, our goal is to make our clients as successful as possible, not to make them pay as much as possible.

A bright future for Vietnamese hospitality

Combining the top-end expertise and management skills of Optimum Hospitality with our extensive data analytical and online business management capabilities, it is no doubt that our current and future clients will make the best choice with us.

The 2019–2021 travel restrictions caused significant harm to the economy of Vietnam, where travel and tourism were among the most severely hit. Years of economical development have been wiped out due to Covid-19.

The industry is more than eager to restart international tourism and we believe that we can help hotels and resorts of all shapes and sizes to recover and prosper, making use of our expertise.

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