How to eliminate bullshit and become more productive


One thing I’ve noticed about most professionals is that they like to be busy. Sending emails, always working on something, catching up on stuff and so on. I know how it is, earlier I did the same. I felt useless if I was not working on a “project”.

But then I figured out that inputting more activity won’t necessarily produce more output so I started eliminating activities that did not actually benefit me. It has totally changed the way how I work.

Be clear with what you need to do

The art of being simple is based on one ability: deciding about what is important for you and what activities are just a waste of time. Yepp, you need to be totally selfish here. Before doing anything ask yourself some questions like.

  • Will doing this particular thing get me closer to my goals?

  • Will investing time and efforts in doing something will give you clear benefits?

  • Will doing something add value to you or your immediate business / personal environment?

Be selective with people around you

In business, especially at lower levels of the hierarchy, there are people who want to use and lead on others. These people will make you offer huge opportunities in return for small favors they expect you to do for them.

They will typically want to involve you in small projects, projecting huge returns, and ask you to do your part. Give a chance for everyone but if someone just bullshitting you, then move on and don’t waste any more time on that person.

Same happens in jobs. You will always come across a person who wants to put her work on your desk, making her problems yours but don’t fall for it.

Learn to refuse people smartly

Saying no feels risky in business. It can close doors, make opportunities vanish and people leave you. And yes, you can turn people against yourself. This is exactly what you want when you are presented by crappy offers, when someone wants to involve you in some nonsense business idea, or when an idiot from the office wants to delegate you to solve her problem.

To refuse an offer, simply say, thank you but I won’t be able to pay sufficient attention on this project right now. If they ask you to “help with something” aka “do this for me”, offer some support or advice but don’t agree to do the job instead of them.

People who are moving upwards in business are very good in making people work for them, but those who agree to work for others will always remain employees.

Give polite, valid and clear reasons for why you won’t be able to participate. Prioritizing your own stuff is a 100% valid reason!

Think in 3-step plans

This is the best thing you can embrace, it helped me a lot not only in business, but also in my personal life too. Not to mention investing and stock trading.

The formula is simple, but you need to be extremely clear and specific with what you plan and do. Here is how you do it.

  1. Where I am now?

  2. What I want to happen?

  3. What do I do to make it happen?

Example 1: you want to make $5,000 on the stock market by investing $500

  1. Where I am now? - I have $500 to invest

  2. What I want to happen? - I want to get $5,000 from investing $500

  3. What to do? - Wait until you identify an investment opportunity (most likely a put / call option, or some highly leveraged stock)

In this example, you just want to follow the stock market, calculate the required stock movements that can give you this return, then wait for the right opportunity to buy, you can do it in 1-2 transactions. No need to get complicated by investing in 10-15 small transactions, increasing your risk of losing with each. Just stick to your plan and that’s it.

Example 2: you want to lose 15 kg

  1. Where I am now? - You are overweight and need to lose weight

  2. What I want to happen? - You want to look better

  3. What to do? - Stop eating processed foods, eat less, sport more.

No need to buy weight loss plans, or or reading 30 articles about how to get slim. What you do is eating better foods, eat less from them and burn more calories while taking in less. Very simple. 30-60 days and you will see progress.

Eliminate the bullshit from your life

Be clear with yourself. How much time you spend on things that clearly do not benefit you, or don’t get you closer to your goals? You can turn your life around in a very short amount of time, if you do what’s necessary - but if you keep doing other stuff then nothing will happen.

Identify what and who you need, make time and attention for them and get rid of everything else.

Daniel Diosi