Cringeworthy sales and marketing practices you should forget today

If you respect the brand you advertise, or you want your brand to be respected then you need to refrain from certain practices. In this article I will show you what to avoid, why, and what to do instead.

Creating urgency

Forget creating urgency unless you have a very valid reason for it, such as a clearance sale, an actual sale finishing soon, super low inventory or God forbid, your business closing down. Why to forget it? Because it won’t add any value to your customers. It will create discomfort instead of positive vibes around your brand. Don’t do it without a reason, especially not do it regularly as it will make your marketing look totally desperate, discount driven, look cheap and needy.

What to do instead: create a sense of exclusivity, like “be in the first 100” to be eligible for exclusive benefits.

FOMO, aka fear of missing out

Worst of all. If people don’t care about your product then they won’t care about missing it out either. That’s a fucking no brainer. In case your potential customers show interest in your product then just let them buy normally, don’t frustrate them with being unable to buy.

What to do instead: don’t make your customers uncomfortable with this gimmick, unless you have limited inventory or other valid reason why they could actually miss out.

Discounting all the time

It’s not the 1990s. Unless you want to position your brand as a cheap discount company then don’t do it. Traditionally discounts were used to get rid of excess inventory or downgrade an outdated product line to give space for a new line instead. In both cases, discounting was used to get rid of outdated or devalued products.

Unless your products have lost value, or you want to sell off, don’t discount. It will come off needy and on the long term your brand will be associated with constant discounting.

Let’s say an iPhone X would be discounted from $1,000 to $800 - that’s a discount! If it’s discounted from $1,250 back to $1,000 then it’s just a gimmick.

What to do instead: do not discount. Reduce price without highlighting it as a discount. Nobody gives a fuck how much was it before, unless you are pricing a product down one category below. If your discounted price will remain in line with your compset prices then it is not a discount.

Daniel Diosi