Take control of your online messaging time


If you are a busy and successful person, then I guess you are also totally annoyed by online messages coming in from all angles. Messenger, Skype, email, Whatsapp, Slack, etc… horrible, I was hating it with a passion till I did not learn how to control it.

Level 1: turn off notifications

My first attempt to take control over my time spent on communication was turning off notifications from most messaging apps. This is good to enhance your peace of mind and win some privacy, also allows you to work more productively and choose your “messaging time”.

Do this and people who message you will learn that they can’t expect an immediate response, which is great. However it will also limit your communication with people who are important and valuable to you, such as close friends, family and those few business partners who really matter.

Level 2: set clear boundaries

Make clear if you don’t want to engage in conversations online. You will lose some people for sure, but you won’t miss their annoying messages so no problem.

If they message you about work or business on your social media, then ask them to use email or other channels that is more appropriate for that.

If the timing contacting you is inappropriate, then let them know. A response like “It is Friday 19.30, we are in the taxi with my girlfriend” will make them understand that their message is not welcomed. If they go on, just ignore their further messages until the start of the next weekday.

If emails and messages are not relevant for you, or you not your business at all then simply tell them “sorry I cannot help with this, bye”.

Level 3: eliminate anything and anyone irrelevant

If you want to solve the core issue behind the inefficient communication, you will need to go bold and get rid of people and commitments that do not worth your time. Get out from projects that do not worth your while, distance yourself from people who just waste your time and you will win so much time that it will feel like luxury.

Yes, you will lose contacts for sure, and your income might also reduce by abandoning clients and projects, but in return you will win time that you can use to enjoy yourself or do something more satisfying.

Final thoughts

Don’t forget that you have only one life, your days will never return so only give time for those who really matter. Texting and being online can take so much away from your life, so make sure that it worth your time. Make conversations that lead somewhere, join projects that you enjoy and avoid anything that makes you frustrated and unhappy.

Daniel Diosi