Filming in the secret garden at Ayada Maldives

Today we had a fun day filming a 1 minute video about the organic garden at Ayada Maldives. It only took few hours to get all the scenes right, thankfully the weather was beautiful and the girls acted naturally good.

The video was filmed, edited and directed by me. It will be used on and on the social media channels of the resort.

2 stories in 56 seconds

This short clip is on 56 seconds, but we have managed to fit a wealth of information in it.

The first few second gets the viewer into context, showing the iconic Ayada lighthouse, then the fountain of the secret garden. The clip shows how locals are working in the garden, watering plants and picking produce.

A second story line comes in, showing two young Chinese girls walking into the organic garden, entering one of the greenhouses and have fun finding locally grown vegetables.

Meanwhile the gardener puts some fresh tomatoes into a wooden box which will be delivered to the kitchen.

In the kitchen, a chef slices and chops the vegetables, then all will be served as a beautifully presented dish.

Enjoy watching! :)

Daniel Diosi