Attracted to money or attracting wealth? Big difference.


Earlier today I was chilling in the pool after sauna and I noticed a few red ants trying to get close to the water. The past days were quite hot with little to no rain, so I assume these poor guys wanted to get some water. Some of them ended up in the pool, so I got a leaf from the plant beside the pool and helped the ants to get out. Not so much later a couple of geckos appeared hunting for the ants.

People are stupid as the ants

This made me think: people who are desperate for money are acting sort of the same. They want to get much more money than they can handle. Instead of going for what is enough for them, they want millions of dollars.

People without wealth see money as the most valuable resource and they are attracted to it like these thirsty ants to the water. They don't think about how they will make it useful, how will make it their own but just want to get it and own it - the more the better, they think.

And others who already know this, are hunting them like the geckos. With loans, investment plans and all sorts of shitty financial products. Because they know that they will fail in pursuing money, and they will need immediate help.

This is how most of the people who pursue money will remain poor, or screw up their lives with stupid financial decisions.

The law of attraction applies in business too

I have been dating quite a few girls all around the world and learned this: either you fuck or you get fucked over. And I don’t need to explain which side is better. So here is the deal: if you are attracted to something, you will do a lot of stupid thins to get it. Not good. But if you are attractive then opportunities will find you naturally.

The same happens with money. If you are attracted to it then you will do silly things to get rich, things that do not make sense at all. Like buying courses, making stupid investments and sooner or later you will lose that little money you have. Even if you get some small scale success you will lose it. This is a loser’s game.

A winner does it differently. A winner’s game is to become represent values that are attractive for others in business, or for a market so people will want something from him. Then they will pay him, and he will start making money. This is how it works.

So how to attract success and wealth?

Simple. You need to develop yourself to become good at something that people pay for. Then they will want you to do that thing for them. You can be a dancer who entertains people, an investor who funds businesses or a lawyer who helps rich criminals to stay out of prison. The common thing in every high paid business is that their activity, service or product is in demand. If there is no demand, there is no business and there won’t be any money.

That’s the law of attracting wealth. To be in demand. So don’t be like those ants who want to get the entire pool and screw up. Don’t run after money and success. Develop yourself and let it come to you.

Daniel Diosi