How we get hotels featured on Top 10 lists


Every hotel owner’s dream is to be featured on top 10 lists of travel media like Conde Nast Traveler, TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet. Such mentions get massive exposure and are probably the best tool to build a reputation for a hotel or resort. But how to get featured? It’s not complicated but takes time, efforts and dedication.

Three of my clients are frequently mentioned in Top 10 articles

Caravelle Saigon in Vietnam, The Anam in Vietnam and Ayada Maldives (Maldives, obviously) are getting featured on top lists quite often - at least 3-4 times a year each. But why and how? Is it because of digital marketing or the PR agency they are paying? Not at all.

It’s all about being the best in something very specific

Being the best in everything is almost impossible. But everyone and every hotel brand can be very good in something specific. Such as having a unique style, offering a super peaceful setting, serving authentic local food or by having the coolest staff.

How to get publicity for doing something very well?

First step: you need to find what are the areas of your product that guests love the most. This can be anything such as the coffee, staff, location, food - find what your guests love and incorporate it to your digital marketing - like banners, videos and simple text ads in Google. This will attract people who will appreciate that goodness even more and the result of such a turn in your marketing will result in higher satisfaction, better reviews and possibly some mentions in travel blogs or other more elaborated reviews.

Second: once you have an increased amount of positive feedback for the features you focus on, it’s time to get your first promotions with bloggers and influencers. Invite a few influencers who are relevant to your hotel and let them promote your features.

From this point you will be on the map of other travel bloggers, journalists and people who are writing these top 10 articles!

How to actually get on these top 10 lists?

You just need to follow the above process and keep repeating it until your hotel will be featured. I want to give you two important tips to make it happen faster:

  • Remain consistent, keep emphasizing the areas that are outstanding at your hotel or resort

  • If you do not have anything to be super proud of or excited about then don’t try to get on lists. It will make your brand ridiculous

That’s all, you don’t need to pay a PR company to make it happen. And best of all, during the process of transforming your marketing to highlight and communicate your best features will get you more and more happy customers, better reviews and will overall improve your business online.

What’s your opinion about this? Contact me to discuss.

Daniel Diosi