I think women are more efficient in marketing jobs


I was wondering why I don’t see too many men in higher sales and marketing positions recently. In the beginning of my career, I was dealing almost entirely with men but today it’s not the case. And I am actually very happy for it. Most probably it’s because women are more suitable for these jobs and most men have moved on to doing something.

Women are more open to change

Men like to take pride in what they have built and it makes it difficult for them to change things. In the dynamic world of digital marketing this is not a good trait. Things are getting easier, cooler and less formal, I think male leaders are just so capable any more. My most successful clients are the ones who are always ready to embrace change if it offers an improvement.

Women can build better interpersonal connections

This is huge. I can build fantastic connection with ladies that makes our work fun, enjoyable and super efficient. This does not always happen with men who are instead of being open, just trying to protect their territory and show authority. Frankly I don’t like this behavior and if I see it I will most likely not accept them as clients. I like projects that are exciting, productive and easy to manage and when I work with ladies it’s always like this.

Same in B2C (business to customer) sales, ladies are a lot more chatty and a lot less annoying compared to their male sales colleagues. They can also read people better, understand situations and customer needs more accurately and can provide more meaningful answers that goes a long way in sales.

Women are just better to work with

I believe that each gender has their strengths and weaknesses. Men are better builders and planners but ladies have far better executions skills - and also better management skills due to their interpersonal advantages. When I work with ladies we have valuable conversations instead of conflicts and it makes a huge difference.

What see as the biggest advantage of women is their multi-tasking ability. Men (including me) have limited brain capacity that can be used for a very few processes at the same time. Ladies can work on multiple things seemingly effortlessly.

Another huge advantage is their analytical skills. I have worked with quite a few male data analysts who had to go super scientific to find useful things in data, meanwhile achieving the same was a lot more easier to women.

What do you think about this? Send me a mail if you have any comments :)

Daniel Diosi