About the $200,000 business development program for luxury hotels

The St Regis Hotel, Hong Kong

The St Regis Hotel, Hong Kong

We have recently launched a business development program that caused quite a stir on the market. Some people think that we are crazy, meanwhile other consulting companies selling cheap services are standing clueless.

$200,000 (USD) is a lot of money. Why would anyone want to invest that much and what return (ROI) can be expected from this business and brand development program? This article will answer these questions.

Our 24-months program is designed to transform regular independent hotel brands to iconic status with improved profitability, better GOP (gross operating profit), modern marketing and brand management practices and that invaluable improvement in brand value.

The program

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The 24-month program, although customized to each client, is following a proven sequence of activities that worked out exceptionally well for other brands in the past years.

The approximately $200,000 investment over the 24-months is including all related expenses, such as marketing spend, PR contracts, collaborations and project management fees of course.

Choosing this program will make perfect sense and will become a very attractive investment once you will read the next paragraph about short and long term returns. Considering that this amount will be invested in business development in a two year period, seeing it as $8,000 - $10,000 monthly makes it a lot easier to accept.

Short term return, long term values generated by the program

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The program is designed to start generating revenue and profit from the investment almost instantly. Besides the brand and business development activities, approximately 30% of the available funds will be invested in revenue generating campaigns that will not only cover the monthly investment but will get a solid 10x-15x ROI (return on investment).

This ensures that the program will be profitable all through the transformation process - and meanwhile we are developing your brand and iconic status, you as a client will enjoy additional revenue with great profit during the entire time of cooperation.

Understanding this makes it clear why this program is an exceptional investment, and why most of our luxury hotel and resort clients are pushing us to invest as much as reasonably possible - which is a lot more than $200,000.

What if a client cannot pay $200,000? Can it be done cheaper?

No. $200,000 is a recommended minimum and we do not encourage anyone to enroll this program if the company will not have the funds available for 24 consecutive months.

In the initial business development plan we will provide a detailed two year investment schedule, which will clearly and precisely lay out the funding requirements for each month of the program.

It is important to highlight that approximately 30% of the marketing spend during the program will be invested in revenue generating campaigns, that will yield sufficient revenue and profit to keep funding the program month by month.

This makes it easier for our clients to plan this huge investment - which can be almost entirely funded from the revenue it will generate during the process.

Daniel Diosi