Should you care if your company is going downhill?


Imagine that your employer or client is heading to a wrong direction. What to do if the management is making stupid mistakes, that will have a very negative impact on the business?

As I consultant I have met quite a few unqualified directors who made uneducated decisions which had a serious negative impact on their business. As an employee, manager or consultant the dilemma is always present: should you try helping them to prevent trouble? Read on to find out my honest opinion.

If you have direct financial interest

In case you have a direct financial interest in the company, like you own shares, have equity or perhaps you are entitled to beefy performance bonuses - then you should definitely get involved and help the situation.

If you don’t have direct financial interest

If you are on a salary without bonuses or such, just sit back and watch the show. In this case, your best bet is to find a new job, possibly with better management and move before your current company goes bust.

In any case, do not try to play the hero because it will make you look like an idiot and will definitely generate conflicts. Also, do not think of the company as your own, simply because it is not. Know your responsibilities and know when to make a move when you see trouble ahead.

Do not try to be a hero

In the early years of my consulting practice, unfortunately, I had the “luck” to deal with unqualified and moronic management teams that just kept shooting themselves in their feet. First I was feeling motivated and responsible to turn things around but after some time I have learned that if they refuse to think, learn or listen then the best is to leave them fail.

So if you work for a company that is on a downhill and the stakeholders are stupid enough to do nothing about it then do not make it your problem. Sit back, relax, watch it decline then move on to something better.

25 common signs of a failing company

When any company is in trouble, they tend to show consistent signs regardless of the niche. If you feel like things are not quite right at work, you might notice these things:

  1. Hiring freeze

  2. Increased firing

  3. No pay-rise

  4. Invoices are not paid on time

  5. Nothing new is happening

  6. Bad word of mouth

  7. Poor employer brand reputation

  8. Wrong people are getting promoted

  9. Lack of training and development

  10. Employee morale plummets

  11. Too many new bad hires

  12. Excessive rumors and gossip

  13. Clients disappearing

  14. Company hierarchy is reorganized

  15. Unhappy employees

  16. Good employees and talents quit

  17. Perks and benefits are changing

  18. Communication issues

  19. Everyone is stressed

  20. Company undergoes a re-branding

  21. Too many toxic employees

  22. No long term strategies or plans

  23. Employees are bored and unmotivated

  24. Bad press and media

  25. Employee turnover skyrockets

Daniel Diosi