Business intelligence, market insights, data and analytical systems

Today, data is the currency to succeed in business. We help businesses to design and implement practical data solutions. Level up your management with no-nonsense business and market intelligence systems that serve you 24/7 – 365.

Our range of services includes expert consulting, ready solutions, end-to-end implementation, market research, and advertising management. Whatever technical challenges you face, we are here to assist you.

Practical data systems to supercharge your business

We build systems that support the areas of businesses where it matters the most. Unlock mission-critical insights from both internal and external data to elevate your business.

hotel brand marketing management

The smart way to measure online performance

Subscribe to our digital marketing reporting system that pulls and displays data from 100+ commonly used online platforms and tools at one place. Google Ads, SEO, Salesforce, Hubspot, email marketing, Facebook, Instagram – you name it. Monitor online performance on convenient dashboards, share data links and schedule online reports.

Real-time market and public opinion insights

Stay on top of consumer and public opinion trends with our public research solution. Market Sampler offers a unique toolset to collect feedback, test how your target customers see you, and benchmark performance against competitors.

How to use your data?

Demand scanning

Advertise confidently using real-time insights about who wants your products, and where.

Customer closeness

Know what your target customers expect, based external research and data.

Real-time reporting

Monitor the performance of 100+ online platforms including ads, CRM, SEO and social media.

Business optimization

Introduce analytical systems that output recommendations to optimize your business.

“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the Web like deer on a freeway.

Geoffrey Moore