Campaign planning


Upgrade your embarrassing, amateurish advertising to cinematic, impressive multi channel campaigns.

Forget amateurish advertising and wow your market with a killer campaign that makes a lasting impression. This service offers a market and audience analysis, multi channel campaign planning and support with setting up.

  • Project time: 15 to 30 days

  • Project fee: from $2,500 (USD) for basic setups

  • Film directing (optional): up to $5,000 + travel expenses

  • Other requirements: high quality videos or budget for filming

What is this?

Who needs this?

This service is for resorts and hotels who want to make a lasting impression with mind blowing advertising campaigns, targeted to people who are genuinely interested in their product.

The service is about planning a complete marketing campaign that embraces your brand values, delivers amazing visuals and valuable information that will engage your audience.

Optionally, I can also visit your hotel or resort to direct a film crew and create a mind blowing video campaign with 2-3 short clips edited to answer the needs of different markets of yours.

The campaigns

What will you get?

The basic campaign planning service starts with a brief market analysis to understand what content will work the best for your audiences.

After identifying important topics as your content pillars, we will propose a cross-channel campaign setup including Google Ads, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, with specific budget allocations and campaign goals.

Once you accept the campaign plan, we are going to build your campaigns, setting up re-marketing, tracking, targeting all technicalities with the materials you provide. All you need to after this is to turn on the campaigns - but we can do this for you.

If you are filming new videos for this campaign, it is highly recommended to invite me to your hotel and resort so I can direct the film crew and make sure that we get everything what you need.


Why is it important?

Cheap, amateurish advertising is not acceptable anymore - especially not in a flashy business like travel and hotels. If your competitors are still pushing their cheap videos then it’s their problem - you need to do better.

Making a memorable first impression is the most you can get out of any marketing efforts. Such first impressions build positive vibes and credibility for your brand which is priceless if you take your brand seriously.

In today’s world of high-tech photography and everyone being able to shoot a nice video your chance to stand out is to create impressive and well targeted advertising campaigns.


A memorable first impression is priceless, a mediocre one is just a waste of effort.


Prepare for cinematic action


Producing cinematic video clips takes preparation, expensive gear, a great camera and a good director with experience. Forget taking videos with a phone or simple DSLR then editing those on your laptop.

When I direct video ads, shooting a 2-3 minute clip in 3-4 hours and editing will take a couple of days depending on how well we have captured the clips.

What takes so much time? Here is how I do it:

  • Choosing the right people for “roles” and preparing them to act like professionals

  • Setting up the scene with lights, filters, staging the entire environment

  • Shooting every scene until we get a perfect clip, then do it few times more to get an even better one

  • Trying each scene with different face expressions and emotional charge that will play an important role when putting the final cut together

  • Shooting each scene from multiple angles which adds richness to the final clip as viewers can observe the smallest details from different points of view

Working together

My consulting practice is an easy going, friendly partnership. Regardless of which way of cooperation you choose, your business and team will have my attention, dedication and support until our project goals are reached.

I will be available for your managers on Skype, e-mail or other means of contact, offering reasonable time to discuss relevant matters and provide valuable support for your team.