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Case Study: Revitalizing a 7-Year Google Ads Campaign That Experienced a Sudden Drop in Conversions

In the dynamic world of digital marketing, longevity often speaks volumes about the effectiveness of a strategy. One of our long-standing clients, with whom we’ve been running Google Ads campaigns for seven years, recently experienced an unprecedented drop in conversions. While the overall market was witnessing a downturn, the abruptness of the decline raised several alarms. This case study explores the multi-faceted approach we took to diagnose the problem, overhaul the campaigns, and achieve a rapid recovery in high-value transactions.

The Challenge: Sudden Decline in Conversions

For years, our Google Ads campaigns had been yielding steady conversions for our client. However, we recently saw an abrupt and significant drop in these numbers. While market trends were generally bearish, the speed and magnitude of this decline were unusual and couldn’t be fully attributed to the broader market conditions.

The Usual Suspects: Third-Party Scripts and Algorithm Changes

Before diving into the overhaul, we had to consider various factors that could have led to this sudden change. Two primary suspects were:

  1. Third-Party Scripts: A script installed by a third-party marketing company was found to significantly impact user experience and slow down the website. Furthermore I suspected that the script also interfered with other scripts we used for tracking purposes, hence our automatic optimization went to a wrong direction.
  2. Algorithmic Changes: Google frequently updates its ad algorithms, affecting ad placements and, in turn, conversion rates.

While investigating the sudden drop in conversions, one factor that came into sharp focus was the quality of traffic. We noticed a significant shift in the type of audiences interacting with the ads, indicating that the targeting algorithms had perhaps gone “sideways.”

The Overhaul: A Radical Reset

Given the multiple challenges, a piecemeal approach wouldn’t suffice. We decided on a complete overhaul of the Google Ads campaigns.

New Conversion Settings

We revisited our conversion settings to make them more in line with the client’s current business objectives and market trends. This involved setting up new conversion tracking parameters that focused not just on quantity but the quality of the conversions.

Refined Targeting

Targeting settings were overhauled to align with the new conversion goals. This included redefining audience segments and focusing on those more likely to engage in high-value transactions.

A/B Testing

New campaigns were A/B tested against the old settings to validate the effectiveness of the changes made. We closely monitored metrics like click-through rates and conversion rates to measure success.

Immediate Results

The results were almost immediate. Within a short period after implementing the new campaigns, we saw a surge in high-value transactions. The new campaigns appeared to target the audience more effectively, and the changes in conversion settings ensured that the traffic was of higher quality.

Lessons Learned

The Risks of Third-Party Scripts

This case study underscores the potential risks associated with third-party scripts. While they may offer additional functionalities, they can seriously impair site performance and user experience, affecting conversion rates adversely.

The Unpredictability of Algorithms

Algorithms are continually evolving. While these changes aim to improve accuracy and user experience, they can sometimes lead to unexpected shifts in campaign performance. This case study serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of continuously monitoring algorithmic impacts on ad campaigns.


Digital marketing landscapes are volatile. Even a seven-year-long successful Google Ads campaign can experience sudden downturns due to various factors like third-party scripts, algorithmic changes, or shifts in traffic quality.

This case study exemplifies how a timely and comprehensive overhaul can not only rescue a flagging campaign but also turn it into a high-performing one almost immediately. Constant vigilance, continuous adaptation, and a readiness to overhaul are the keys to long-term success in the ever-changing world of online advertising.

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