Purposeful brand management: optimize your brand to fit customer expectations

How do you know if your branding works? The answer is simple: it attracts real engagements, generates demand for your products and services, and enables a profound connection between your company and it’s customers. What if your brand does not work? You will see increasing marketing and advertising costs to maintain results, poor engagement, lackContinue reading “Purposeful brand management: optimize your brand to fit customer expectations”

Securing your financial future as a freelancer, independent professional or self-employed

The gig economy has been growing fast during the past decade as digitalization enabled it. Companies and small businesses are outsourcing creative works, market research, advertising management and all sorts of temporary gigs to freelancers and independent professionals, as this way of getting things done requires significantly less financial and legal commitments. The reason IContinue reading “Securing your financial future as a freelancer, independent professional or self-employed”

Personal brand audit from Brand Auditor: find out what your followers and viewers really think about you

This personal brand audit offers a comprehensive analysis based on survey feedback, score ratings, quantitative feedback and external audit data from various data brokers. The report will give you specific insights on how to improve your personal brand image and content management practices.

3 common-sense tips to increase your chances of entrepreneurial success

If you are in a managerial position or running your own business then you know what it means to grind and hustle. You have responsibilities, targets and your only guarantee to keep going is your competence and commitment to work. To work for maximum output and effectiveness, it is important to keep looking for ways to make our work more efficient. Some people say “work hard”, others say “work smart”. I say always look ahead and see what needs to be done. Plan it well and execute it precisely.

How to deal with toxic people at work or in business? 5 simple steps to handle them well.

Annoying colleagues, gossipers, the passive-aggressive ones and energy vampires – you know who this article is about. If you need to work with them, tolerating their crap can easily drain your energy and make you feel bad. Toxic people at work and in business can be seriously disturbing, having a negative impact on your progress, productivity and mental wellbeing.

Achieve an enjoyable work-life balance with these 3 rules (works for me)

Are you among the 75% who struggles with work-life balance? If you are reading this article, you must be interested in how to achieve and maintain a better work-life balance. It is easy to get carried away with work, especially if you are in a stressful management position or if you are managing your ownContinue reading “Achieve an enjoyable work-life balance with these 3 rules (works for me)”

UserGuest review: hotel website conversion notifications done right

Since the mid 2010s, we have seen many pop-up solutions for hotels, offering increased sale conversion rates on hotel and resort brand websites. There are many. TripTease, Hotels Network and countless others at different price points.  As a hotel digital marketing consultant I have experience with these. Most of them are average at best, someContinue reading “UserGuest review: hotel website conversion notifications done right”

Preparing for the tourism rebound: make your hotel brand and marketing communications stand out

Expected tourism rebound in Q1 and Q2, 2021 Starting from November 2020, a number of countries decided to reopen their borders for international travel. This is certainly good news – even despite the travel demand is at an all-time low. Most industry experts estimate that a stronger bounce-back in demand can be expected in lateContinue reading “Preparing for the tourism rebound: make your hotel brand and marketing communications stand out”