Competitive analysis


Discover what your competitors are doing online and get ahead of them with specific suggestions and action items.

This service is designed to understand your competition and make your property a leader online. The analysis is focused on brand communication on various channels, advertising, retention & conversion techniques and customer experience.

  • Project time: 15 to 30 days

  • Project fee: from $2,500 (USD)

  • Staff level required: intermediate

What is this?

Who needs this?

This analysis is for hotel and resort management teams who want to understand the marketing activities of their direct competitors and identify ways to get ahead of them.

Such a competitive analysis is essential to become and remain a leader in among your competitive set.

The report

What will you get?

During the analysis we will examine and analyze all marketing activities of your competitive set, do a mystery shopping to test the response time and customer experience of their sales and reservations department.

Once the research is finished, you will receive a detailed report that lists and describes their activities, also outlines recommended improvements in your current marketing.


Why is it important?

Based on the results and findings of a competitive analysis, you will be able to learn how your competitive set is advertising, what they spend their budget and also evaluate the level of execution. These insights are essential to plan marketing activities and design campaigns that will outperform them.

Doing a competitive analysis once is a must to catch up with your competition, while doing it from time to time is a highly recommended remain a leader in your category.


To be the best, you will need to think smarter and act quicker than others.


Become a market leader

Competitive analysis and performance index

Based on a market research data from 2016, 2017 and 2018

We have surveyed over 500 hotels to evaluate their digital marketing performance index and found that the ones who regularly carry out professional competitive analysis researches are mostly among the top performers.

  • From 539 hotels only 27 had high performance index and they regularly do professional 3rd party competitive analysis reports

  • 323 hotels from 539 had average performance index - these hotels carry out in-house competitive checks randomly

  • 189 hotels from 539 had low performance index. These hotels never felt the importance of doing a competitive marketing analysis.

Working together

My consulting practice is an easy going, friendly partnership. Regardless of which way of cooperation you choose, your business and team will have my attention, dedication and support until our project goals are reached.

I will be available for your managers on Skype, e-mail or other means of contact, offering reasonable time to discuss relevant matters and provide valuable support for your team.