Consulting for real estate brokers


I help real estate brokers and agencies to attract qualified buyers

At the age of 25 I joined a real estate agency and in 2 months I made it among the top performers with a simple system I invented to control my work. I invested in digital advertising get more leads and forced my prospects through a strict filtering system that got rid of 60%, but over 50% of the remaining 40% bought something.


Step 1

Attract prospects

Fixed term projects are the best option to resolve specific issues - offering intensive hands-on support and deep involvement if required. Each project has pre-defined goals, a road-map and timeline.

Step 2

Filter your buyers

This is an affordable, retainer fee based “classic” consulting service that offers daily overseeing of your digital marketing activities, highlighting issues and providing suggestions for optimization and improvements.

Step 3

Build a connection

If you only need occasional support without deep involvement or commitments, then hourly fee based consultation is the best choice. Contact today to discuss your situation, if I can help then I will send a quotation beforehand.

My consultation and support is for open minded teams, who are willing to fix their issues and implement practices that will serve them well for a long period of time.

Working together

My consulting practice is an easy going, friendly partnership. Regardless of which way of cooperation you choose, your business and team will have my attention, dedication and support until our project goals are reached.

I will be available for your managers on Skype, e-mail or other means of contact, offering reasonable time to discuss relevant matters and provide valuable support for your team.

Key areas of consultation are:

  • E-commerce performance monitoring and optimization

  • Online performance analysis and intelligent decision making

  • Implementing profitable cross-channel advertising campaigns

  • Optimal brand positioning and brand communication

  • Streamlining business-client communication online

  • Generate genuine attention for your brand online

  • Online distribution analysis and optimization

  • Modern revenue management practices