Consulting for hotels

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Digital marketing can be your best investment. Beyond revenue, it improves your brand value and customer satisfaction.

Since 2010 I help hotel management teams to reach potential guests with online advertising campaigns on various platforms, impress their audience with spot-on brand communication and to turn viewers into guests - giving preference to website and direct bookings.

One difference between me and other consultants is that I offer project management to make sure that my suggestions are implemented correctly - and I take full ownership of projects I have initiated.

Each situation requires a bespoke solution, so I offer three ways of cooperation and let my clients decide which one they found to be the most practical.


Option 1


Evaluate your current digital marketing setup and get an extensive report with specific suggestions and action items to improve. Check-ups cover the evaluation of everything digital: your strategy, advertising campaigns, website performance, brand communication and online distribution.

Starting from $2,500 per project (1 month)

Option 2


This is an affordable, retainer fee based “classic” consulting service that offers rolling analysis and daily overseeing of your digital marketing activities, highlighting issues and providing suggestions for optimization and improvements. Project management is offered to ensure that our strategies are implemented correctly.

Starting from $1,500 per month (12 month)

Option 3

Per hour

If you only need occasional support without deep involvement or commitment, then hourly fee based consultation is your best choice. Contact today to discuss your situation, if I can help then I will send a quotation beforehand.

Fixed $250 per hour


Total marketing spend & revenue of my clients
My consultation and support is for open minded teams, who are willing to fix their issues and implement practices that will serve them well for a long period of time.

Working together

My consulting practice is an easy going, friendly partnership. Regardless of which way of cooperation you choose, your business and team will have my attention, dedication and support until our project goals are reached.

I will be available for your managers on Skype, e-mail or other means of contact, offering reasonable time to discuss relevant matters and provide valuable support for your team.