Most clients work with me on a retainer basis that grants limitless support in planning, decision making and implementation.

Since 2010 I help hotel management teams to reach potential guests with online advertising campaigns on various platforms, impress their audience with spot-on brand communication and to turn viewers into guests - giving preference to website and direct bookings.

One difference between me and other consultants is that I offer project management to make sure that my suggestions are implemented correctly - and I take full ownership of projects I have suggested.

I will be available for your managers on Skype, e-mail or other means of contact, offering reasonable time to discuss relevant matters and provide valuable support for your team.

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“I had the pleasure of working with Daniel on one of the most important projects for Vietnam Tourism’s online portal in 2018. His experience in digital advertising as well as his understanding of the travel & tourism sector in particular have contributed tremendously to the project, with our annual KPI met within 2 months of execution“


Analytics & reporting platform

Consulting clients get complimentary access to our real time reporting platform. Our dashboard gives you all essential web performance information in a quick glance. You no longer have to switch between different accounts to see how your campaigns are performing.

The platform offers hundreds of useful features to save time and making your work more productive. You will love the simplicity and versatility of dCommerce Analytics.

  • SEO rank & backlink monitoring

  • PPC campaign analytics

  • Social media analytics

  • Website analytics

  • E-commerce / conversion tracking

  • Reporting automation

The dCommerce Analytics platform

The dCommerce Analytics platform


Popular one-off services

Get a clear picture


Marketing evaluation

Evaluate your current digital setup and get a report with specific suggestions and action items. The analysis covers everything digital: strategy, advertising campaigns, website performance, and brand communication.

From $2,500 per project

know what others do


Competitive analysis

Discover what your competitors are doing online and get ahead of them with specific suggestions and action items. This service is designed to understand your competition and make your property a leader online.

From $2,500 per project

Wow your audience


Campaign planning

Forget amateurish advertising and wow your market with a killer campaign that makes a lasting impression. This service offers a market and audience analysis, multi channel campaign planning and support with setting up.

From $2,500 per project