Consulting Services

What we do

  • Strategic assessment, planning, advising, and guidance for business leaders at the executive or senior level.
  • Help achieve product-market fit by identifying ideal customer segments and developing positioning and product presentation strategies.
  • Provide a professional review of online performance and practical recommendations for improvement in digital marketing.
  • Build practical data solutions for better decision-making, including custom reporting setups, KPI systems, and AI-assisted decision engines.

Included Costs

Any costs directly related to delivering our strategic consulting services, such as market research, data collection to required extents, and subscription to paid software solutions, are already included. You won’t need to bear any additional costs for these services.

Flexible Pricing

We understand that each project is unique, and we believe in fair and reasonable pricing. With each contract, we ensure that you pay a reasonable fee based on the time and resources required from our end and the value of the expected outcome. In most cases, we work on a retainer basis, where the scope of work is not limited to a single activity but covers a certain monthly time allotment. 

For on-demand projects, we provide a detailed quote and agree on a set of services and deliverables before commencing work.

First Meeting is Free

To establish a solid understanding of your needs and explore how we can assist you, we offer a complimentary first meeting. This meeting allows us to discuss your objectives, answer any questions you may have, and determine the best way to proceed.

We strive to provide flexible pricing options, transparent agreements, and a complimentary initial meeting to ensure a mutually beneficial collaboration that meets your specific requirements.

Third-Party Services

For non-included services, we have a confident solution. We collaborate with a network of trusted contractors who we regularly work with. Should your project require services beyond our scope, we will seamlessly engage these specialized experts on your behalf. We will confidently manage and coordinate their efforts, ensuring the highest level of quality and professionalism. This approach allows us to offer you a comprehensive solution while leveraging the expertise of trusted third-party partners.