just got it's first 2,000 followers


Few weeks ago, out of a quick idea I created a foodie magazine that displays content from 3rd party sources via RSS and other technical stuff. The next day I subscribed to a premium WordPress plan, picked a nice template and emailed my editor friends at NY Times, Daily Mail and Munchies to link up their news stream with my site

I’ve opened a Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest account and hooked all up with with the WordPress content engine so content is now distributed automatically on these social platforms. Each day, 5-10 articles are published on which gives more than enough content to raise attention and get foodies follow my magazine.

Today, just after 6 days of being online, it got over 1,000 email subscribers and over 1,000 Facebook followers which are not big numbers but make me super happy because it happened so quickly.

Please feel free to go ahead and subscribe or follow :)

Daniel Diosi