Funding your business


I am interested to invest in businesses with demonstrated potential to bring value to the marketplace and generate profits. Introduce

your business plan if you are looking for funds to accelerate your business growth.

What you will need to present

In order to evaluate the potential of your business, you will need to present your business plan and demonstrate:

  1. how it will fit to the marketplace

  2. why it will be successful

  3. how it will make money

Please prepare a comprehensive presentation that includes your current business valuation, strategy, costs, sales and profits, as well as any financial liabilities you already have - such us loans and equity of other investors.

Funding agreement

If your business plan is attractive, I will offer you an investment or funding proposal. Based on the forecast revenue, profits and valuation of your business, this proposal will specify:

  1. The amount I am willing to invest in your business

  2. Equity (% share) I will own in your business

  3. Payment terms & conditions

  4. Early repayment benefits

Should we establish a funding agreement, you will be legally obliged to fulfill your compensation liabilities.


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