Online business development for luxury hotels & resorts


Growing a hotel or resort brand to iconic status is a long-term process that needs time, funding and changes in how you do digital marketing today.

Daniel Diosi


This is a consulting & project management service to transform regular hotels into leading, respected and supremely profitable brands.

Achieving iconic status is the dream of all hoteliers. Consistent demand, increased GOP and profitability, less competition, and that invaluable advantage of having a strong brand value. We can make your brand a leader, if you are ready to invest and transform how you do marketing and business online.

Most of our clients, regardless of where they started from, became leaders in their class - beating 5-star international brands like Hilton, Marriott or Intercontinental in the online game.

It is a long term process that requires investment, time and commitment. Our program is a 24 month online business development process, customized specifically for your hotel or resort.


What is the outcome?


“Daniel and his partners helped us to develop a strong brand and marketing communication, building on our central location in Manhattan, New York. They have optimized our digital marketing and helped to invest our resources wisely to grow our brand. We have generated over $1.5M in the process.”



“I had the pleasure of working with Daniel on one of the most important projects for Vietnam Tourism’s online portal in 2018. His experience in digital advertising as well as his understanding of the travel & tourism sector in particular have contributed tremendously to the project, with our annual KPI met within 2 months of execution“



“We have worked with Daniel and the dCommerce team for almost a year. In that time we have found them to be professional, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. They have helped us to improve the guest experience on our website and offered extensive insights and recommendations for cost effective campaigns that have resulted in revenue increases across our digital profile. I have no hesitation recommending dCommerce to assist with your e-commerce and website needs.



About the program


There are no fit-for-all solutions to grow a hotel brand to new levels, but with my partners and associates, we did it successfully several times. We follow our proven, yet a flexible procedure to develop and implement a personalized program for each of our clients.

Project outline

A simplified representation of a typical 24-month program

A simplified representation of a typical 24-month program

Based our your long term goals and assessment of your current situation, we will prepare a project outline with clearly defined goals, timeline and funding requirements for the 24-months program. This document will lay out how the project will happen, including activities and investment scheduled for each month - alongside with expected financial returns, revenue, ROI and other project specific KPI development on a monthly basis.

Project management

A brief overview of our work and reporting structure

I will be leading and managing the growth team and the project itself, being the main contact between the hotel management team and any 3rd party contractors. During the program we will involve supporting companies and consultants to execute tasks that require a high level of specialization.


This graph demonstrates the typical investment, revenue and ROI over a 24-month period

Clients who successfully went through this transformation have been investing avg. $200,000 (USD) in a 24-months period, between $5,000-$10,000 monthly. This investment includes marketing spend, software subscriptions and fees paid for my service and to 3rd parties.

Investment overview

Under the constant supervision of my clients, I personally ensure that each dollar of the investment is utilized wisely, and a high ROI is delivered consistently.

  • Expect to invest: $5,000 to $10,000 monthly for 24 months

  • Revenue from investment: $60,000 to $100,000 per month

  • Typical ROI: 12x to 15x

  • Brand value growth: invaluable long term value


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