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GuestRadar 2.0: Data Modeling and New Business Opportunities in Travel and Tourism

Technical Improvements and B2B Partnership Opportunities

We’re pleased to share updates on some significant changes in our data modeling and service offerings at GuestRadar. The focus is on our forthcoming version—GuestRadar 2.0—which is engineered to provide a more extensive and accurate range of data for forecasting and planning within the travel and tourism industry.

Updated Data Model: The Technical Aspects

The principal update in GuestRadar 2.0 is the revamping of our existing data model. We have integrated data from multiple global sources, including government tourism statistics, flight information, and data from major Online Travel Agencies (OTAs). These data sets have been processed using machine learning algorithms to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Features to Look Forward To

  • Global Data Scope: The new version enables users to track outbound travel from the top 50 countries to over 120 destinations.
  • Comprehensive Metrics: Data includes a range of variables such as travel budgets, booking preferences, and travel purposes.
  • Cost-Effective Plans: Starting at $49/month per user, the new pricing model aims to make this service accessible to a wider audience.

B2B Data Access: An Opportunity for Strategic Partnerships

This section is especially relevant for booking engine companies, travel consultants, and other business entities that could benefit from a broader and deeper data set.

The Value of Partnership

  • Data Access: We offer a robust API for easy integration, which allows you to tap into our extensive data repository.
  • Customization: Our API allows for customized queries, ensuring you get the data most relevant to your business needs.

We invite interested partners to explore these options with us. The aim is to facilitate strategic collaborations that can leverage our data for mutual growth and industry advancement.

We believe that GuestRadar 2.0 will set new benchmarks in travel and tourism analytics. For additional details and partnership inquiries, feel free to reach out.

Thank you for your attention. We look forward to taking the travel and tourism data landscape to the next level together.

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