Hotel Brand Audit

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Eliminate the guesswork from your brand optimization. Ask your potential guests about what they think of the brand and marketing of your hotel.

In the hospitality industry, brand positioning and brand communication-related decisions are often made without understanding customer expectations and how the hotel brand is currently perceived.

This negligence leads to unnecessary complications, irrelevant marketing communications, unattractive product presentations, and further unwanted consequences of guess-based branding decisions. We can help you measure what your target guests think about your hotel or resort – based on real-world market research feedback.

Understanding how potential guests see your hotel enables us to optimize brand positioning and product presentation to achieve a better product-market fit. We use Brand Auditor, our industry-standard market research-based auditing solution.

How do you get started?

Contact us, or proceed to Brand Auditor to configure your audit. Brand Auditor is our partner company, the #1 market research-based brand analysis solution for various industries.

How much does it cost?

Basic audit configurations start from $500.

This service is included in the Hotel Brand Growth Program

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