Hotel Brand Growth Program

Increase sales on all online and offline channels by developing an irresistible product presentation, and a sought-after brand.

Turn your hotel brand into an asset that generates demand and revenue.

We offer a tailormade program to develop your hotel into a leading, sought-after, and highly profitable brand in its destination.

Instead of copying “proven” tricks and tactics from other hotels, we can develop a unique and proprietary brand presence and product presentation to attract guests on all online and offline channels.

This is the best strategy to rise above the competition and turn your hotel business into a popular, sought-after brand in its destination.

Discover our 2-year brand management program that includes everything required to elevate the brand value of your hotel or resort.

Regardless of the agreement we make, our goal will be to support your online brand and business growth. Our commitment, attention, and support are guaranteed.

Brand management program overview

Brand communications monitoringDaily
Marketing performance monitoringDaily
Strategic discussionsMonthly
Content writing2 articles monthly
Press release distributionQuarterly
Brand auditingEvery 6 months
Standard eCommerce setupOne-time
Monthly fee$2,000 (USD)
  • Starting with a hotel brand audit

    Based on thousands of feedback data and score-ratings of various aspects of your hotel brand, we will assess the strengths and weaknesses to plan your brand development program. The audit is done by our partner company Brand Auditor, an industry-standard brand analysis solution.

  • Developing your hotel brand strategy

    Based on your brand audit results, we will discuss the scope of our cooperation – and conceptualize the future brand positioning and marketing communication guidelines of your hotel.

  • Working together on your brand development

    Following the strategy and cooperation agreements, the working phase begins with continued and disciplined efforts to improve your brand performance.

    Our team will monitor all brand and marketing communication activities, as well as marketing performance – providing constructive suggestions to the senior management team.

    • Delivering 2 engaging articles for your hotel website blog
    • Distribute quarterly press releases to enhance brand recognition
    • Have monthly meetings to discuss the progress and challenges

    The program also includes external, market research-based brand audits every 6 months to see how customer perceptions changed.

  • Evaluating your results

    Once our work is completed, we will do a final brand audit to evaluate the results. If everything was done as planned, the second audit will show spectacular improvements. By this time, the results of the brand improvements will become apparent, in the form of increased demand, higher conversion rate, and significantly better engagement across all marketing communication channels.

Let’s start with discussing your hotel brand goals.

Contact us to talk about your hotel brand management goals and challenges. We will be happy to find solutions to improve the brand value of your hotel both short and long term.

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