Hotel Brand Management

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Look beyond gimmicky direct booking tactics. Make your guests choose your hotel because of its unique features and qualities.

How to make your hotel brand generate demand and revenue?

There is something about those iconic hotels that make most of us fascinated, and inspires us to visit just to stay there.

This sense of yearning desire is achieved by continuous, purposeful shaping of customer perceptions with brand and marketing communication techniques. It is an advanced strategy used by major hospitality brands. This is what we encourage you to develop for your hotel brand as well.

We follow a proven, data-driven program to research and develop desirable hotel product presentations, marketing communications, and brand positioning – that attract guests from your target segments the most efficiently.

Together with your in-house marketing team, we can turn your hotel into a sought-after brand.

Regardless of the agreement we make, our goal will be to support your online brand and business growth. Our commitment, attention, and support is guaranteed.

  • We start with auditing your hotel brand

    We start with evaluating the current state of your hotel brand, with an external, market-research-based brand audit.

    Based on thousands of feedback and score-ratings of various aspects of your hotel brand, we will assess the strengths and weaknesses to plan your brand development program.

    This audit is taken care of by our partner company Brand Auditor, an industry-standard brand analysis solution.

  • Then, we develop a tailor-made strategy

    Based on your brand audit results, we will discuss the scope of our cooperation. We will agree on the services you require from us, as well as the level of support to turn your hotel into a leading brand.

    Brand strategy discussions

    Marketing monitoring

    Online Hotel PR services

    SEO friendly content writing

    Brand auditing

  • We work together on your brand development

    Following the strategy and cooperation agreements, the working phase begins with continued and disciplined efforts to improve your brand performance.

    As a result of creating a better brand experience, you will start seeing improvements in website conversion rate, OTA performance, overall marketing efficiency, and even pick-up from travel agents and tour operators.

  • Evaluating your results

    Once our work is completed, we will do another brand audit to evaluate the results. If everything was done as planned, the second audit will show spectacular improvements.

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