Hotel Brand Monitoring

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We can monitor your online hotel marketing communications, and provide constructive recommendations to improve.

Have you ever thought that the brand and marketing communications of your hotel are “off” and inconsistent? You are not alone – over 70% of hotel marketing communications are seen as inconsistent and irrelevant by travelers.

Social media posting, newsletters, design, and other marketing communication management (a.ka. “Marcom”) tasks in the hospitality industry are often considered as a “junior staff” thing. Most hotel management teams fail to realize that these forms of communication are the building blocks of their brand presence.

We can help to keep your brand and marketing communications on the right track. By letting us monitor your hotel marketing and provide constructive recommendations, the brand perceptions of your hotel will improve. Brand perceptions for hotels and resorts have a significant impact on demand, as well as price-value associations.

How do you get started?

Contact us to discuss various options from basic personal content monitoring to social listening and brand sentiment analysis with industry-standard software tools.

How much does it cost?

Daily monitoring (even on weekends and holidays) with recommendations from $1,000 per month.

Optional features:

This service is included in the Hotel Brand Growth Program

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