Pre-opening digital marketing program for luxury hotels & resorts


An exciting brand - combined with a strong pricing strategy and e-commerce setup - will guarantee a successful opening and a profitable first year for a new hotel business.

Daniel Diosi


This is a consulting & project management service to build a strong brand, digital marketing and e-commerce setup for your hotel and resort in the pre-opening stage.

The first year of a hotel or resort is arguably the most critical one. It can burn a lot of money or make the shareholders richer, and it mostly depends on the quality of work that have been done during the pre-opening stage.

A successful first year requires a strong brand and a proven, efficient digital marketing setup that generates consistent revenue months before the opening day. This is a significant and critical investment that most independent hotels skip - hoping that agents and wholesalers will generate enough bookings to get started with.

Our support is for progressive and intelligent hotel management teams who understand the importance of a powerful brand, strong demand and a working marketing system before opening.


What is the outcome?


“Daniel and his partners helped us to develop a strong brand and marketing communication, building on our central location in Manhattan, New York. They have optimized our digital marketing and helped to invest our resources wisely to grow our brand. We have generated over $1.5M in the process.”



“I had the pleasure of working with Daniel on one of the most important projects for Vietnam Tourism’s online portal in 2018. His experience in digital advertising as well as his understanding of the travel & tourism sector in particular have contributed tremendously to the project, with our annual KPI met within 2 months of execution“



“We have worked with Daniel and the dCommerce team for almost a year. In that time we have found them to be professional, efficient and extremely knowledgeable. They have helped us to improve the guest experience on our website and offered extensive insights and recommendations for cost effective campaigns that have resulted in revenue increases across our digital profile. I have no hesitation recommending dCommerce to assist with your e-commerce and website needs.



About the program


Each opening is slightly different, so we follow a flexible yet systematic approach to drive brand growth, hype before opening, and to build up a robust digital marketing and e-commerce setup. This is a 12-month program that is recommended to start at least 12 months before the grand opening.

Project outline

A simplified representation of a typical 12-month pre-opening program

A simplified representation of a typical 12-month pre-opening program

Based our your long term goals and our assessment of your current situation, we will prepare a project outline with clearly defined goals, timeline and funding requirements for the 12-months pre-opening program. This document will lay out how the project will happen, including activities and investment scheduled for each month - alongside with expected financial returns, revenue, ROI and other project specific KPI development on a monthly basis.

A program to start right with


An excellent start will not only eliminate financial risk, but will also enable your hotel company to grow smoothly, without excessive efforts. Completing this program will get your hotel everything that is required for an impressive market entry, to make the first year of sales successful, and also to establish a strong base for long term success.

  • Top markets and segments identified

  • Brand and marketing communication guidelines

  • Attention on the brand - via PR partners, collaborations and online publicity campaigns

  • A beautiful brand website set up with all e-commerce functionality

  • A strong social media presence and cross-platform identity

  • Pre-booking campaigns to generate revenue before the opening

  • Valuable feedback and reaction measurements for optimization before opening

Project management

A brief overview of our work and reporting structure

I will be leading and managing the growth team and the project itself, being the main contact between the hotel management team and any 3rd party contractors. During the program we will involve supporting companies and consultants to execute tasks that require a high level of specialization.


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