Market Sampler is a smart and straightforward public opinion research tool. Display micro-surveys nearly anywhere on the internet, and collect non-incentivized feedback data.

A simple, professional solution


Market Sampler is compliant with ISO 20252 market research and ISO 8000-61 data quality management standards. This covers market, public opinion, and social research, including insights and data analytics — Vocabulary, and service requirements.

Optional dashboards

Dashboards are optional for an extra fee. Interactive visual dashboards let you segment and analyze your data in any combination. It is a huge time saver to understand insights out of the box. If you are familiar with data visualization, you will not need one.

Data sources

Data is collected from surveys distributed across the internet, targeting people based on your specifications. As your respondents answer, we record and save every detail associated with each response – including age, gender, and other targeting criteria.

Raw data

Raw data is included in every research project. Data sheets include all valid entries in separate rows, with a unique response ID, age, gender, location, and all other criteria based on your order. It can be analyzed with Looker, PowerBI, Excel, or Google Sheets.