Marketing evaluation


Evaluate your current digital setup and get a report with specific suggestions and action items.

The analysis covers everything digital: strategy, advertising campaigns, website performance, and brand communication.

  • Project time: 15 to 30 days

  • Project fee: from $2,500 (USD)

  • Staff level required: intermediate

What is this?

Who needs this?

This service is a perfect first step to determine how you will improve the digital marketing of your hotel or resort. Marketing evaluation is recommended for hotel and resort management teams who want to get a realistic, unbiased overview of the current state of their online performance.

An evaluation like this is essential to develop long term improvement strategies or to identify and address simple shortcomings.

The report

What will you get?

During the evaluation I will go through your e-commerce metrics, ad spend and revenue reports then interview your team their strategy and day to day activities. Further in-depth investigation will be carried out focused on paid advertising channels to determine how your campaigns could be improved.

Once the research is finished, you will receive a detailed report that highlights sub-optimal elements, missed opportunities in your current marketing, as well as specific suggestions and action items for improvement.


Why is it important?

This evaluation is designed to highlight problem areas in your digital marketing and offer actionable solutions to fix those. After delivering the report, a 1 hour consultation will be also offered to discuss all items and clarify any questions.


Excellence starts with intelligence and planning.

Hotel Imperial, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Vienna, Austria


Join the top 19%

Evaluation frequency & performance

This graph shows the connection between the frequency of marketing evaluation and digital marketing performance (ROI, profit & market penetration). Based on market research data from 2016, 2017 and 2018

Put your property to the top performing 19%. Based on our research and measurements, hotel management teams that regular evaluate their performance by 3rd party experts are highly over-performing those who never evaluate their activities.

  • Hotels that do annual evaluation run on an avg. 56/100 performance index

  • Hotels that do occasional evaluation are achieving a lower 32/100 performance index

  • Hotels that never evaluate their marketing are lagging behind with a 14/100 index

Working together

My consulting practice is an easy going, friendly partnership. Regardless of which way of cooperation you choose, your business and team will have my attention, dedication and support until our project goals are reached.

I will be available for your managers on Skype, e-mail or other means of contact, offering reasonable time to discuss relevant matters and provide valuable support for your team.