My story


Early years

1985 - 2012


I grew up in the post-socialist Hungary of the 90’s and to be honest, I did not like at all. The best memories of my childhood are all related to beach vacations and travelling with my family. Hotels, resorts and the beach life always fascinated me - so studying hotel management and tourism economics in college was an obvious choice.

Soon after graduating, I relocated to Switzerland to manage digital marketing for a ski resort, then I moved to London to seek better opportunities. Few months later I ended up on the island of Malta. As hotel marketing just started to move online there at that time, the demand for my expertise was huge.

Working hard

2012 - 2017

Early years in Malta

After landing in Malta in late 2012 I tried to work in some jobs, but salaries were so low and companies were so unprofessional that I found it better to offer support as freelance consultant. From 2013 I was supporting local tour operators and typically 3-4 star hotels. My clients were local gangsters who owned hotels, real estate entrepreneurs, and similar companies at that time.

One day I met Mr Angelo Xuereb, a self made real estate tycoon in Malta, who inspired me to break out from this mediocrity and make the best out of my passion.

Corinthia times

In 2014 I joined Corinthia, which is the top of Malta’s hospitality scene. The group owns a number of luxury hotels worldwide and I was in charge to manage digital advertising for the entire group. Besides getting a true multi-property management experience I also made excellent connections at Google and came across influential hospitality people. Around 2016, hotel GMs in my growing network started to approach me for digital marketing advice and my real consulting career started.


From 2015 I started to visit Vietnam for personal reasons, and seeing the booming hospitality industry, I realized the potential for my services there. As I was not allowed to take on consulting clients on my own (still working at Corinthia), so I registered a company in Malta and took clients that way.

With the help of a new friend I made connections in Vietnam with mostly foreign hotel management companies. Business become brisk in 2016, I was getting clients from Vietnam, from Malta, also from other European countries so I left my job and continued with my company dCommerce.


In 2017 I was all about growing and improving my business. I built a small team of freelancers to provide graphic design and digital advertising management, we introduced software solutions to automate reporting and business intelligence and made connections with leading hotel marketing technology companies who provided essential tools.

Offering full service digital marketing management besides consulting made dCommerce a fantastic replacement for traditional hotel consulting services and I am very proud of this. Over 130 hotels are using our systems today and during two years I was personally supporting over 30 hotels and resorts.


from 2018

Managing my company and dealing all sorts of crap (bureaucracy, expectations for kickbacks, country specific regulations, taxes, etc) become increasingly frustrating so I decided to do things differently.

Today I live in the Maldives, enjoying a fantastic work-life balance that gives me sufficient time to manage my personal consulting clients, a spectacular portfolio of stock market investment and most importantly to live a healthy, fulfilling life. I remain supporting clients who I personally enjoy working with. Besides managing my stocks and consulting, I also remain partner and shareholder in some travel and hotel companies.