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New Google Ads Scam: The Fake Strategist Exploiting Your Trust, and Accounts

Online scams are an unfortunate reality in our increasingly digital world. One such threat gaining traction is the Google Ads scam, leveraging the recent initiative by Google to assign strategists to high-spending accounts. This well-intentioned effort by Google, aiming to help new advertisers learn and adhere to best practices, is being exploited by nefarious individuals posing as ‘Google Ads strategists’.

Here’s how they operate. You receive an email from someone claiming to be an official Google Ads strategist. The scammers go to great lengths to appear legitimate, utilizing email templates copied from original Google emails and masking their email addresses to mimic Google’s. They seek to arrange a meeting, where they subsequently ask you to add them as an admin to your Google Ads account.

This request is a significant red flag. Authentic Google employees have no need to ask for such permissions. They can already access the necessary information to assist you without requiring invasive access to your account.

Once these fraudulent ‘strategists’ have gained access to your account, they set up hidden ad groups in your campaigns. These hidden groups are not for your benefit; instead, they promote the scammer’s own business or drive traffic to their client’s websites, all at your expense. Additionally, once inside, these impostors can access your sensitive business information and billing details.

To shield yourself from this online scam, remember some crucial points. Firstly, if anyone claiming to be from Google asks for admin access to your account, you should immediately be suspicious. Authentic Google employees never need this level of access. Secondly, make it a point to verify email addresses and the identities of people claiming to be official representatives. Google has procedures in place to help you verify the legitimacy of such claims.

It’s also vital to regularly monitor your Google Ads account. You should be aware of any changes or unusual patterns in your ad spend or traffic. There are plenty of genuine resources provided by Google Ads to guide you on how to effectively monitor these aspects.
While it’s disheartening that such scams exist, taking advantage of well-intentioned initiatives, remember that knowledge and vigilance are your best defense. You have the tools and the power to protect your Google Ads account from these online scams.

To keep safe, the best way to guard against the fake Google Ads strategist scam is by exercising skepticism, verification, and diligent monitoring. Be safe, stay informed, and ensure your Google Ads campaign thrives without any unwelcome intrusions.

Let’s continue sharing stories, experiences, and strategies. We’re all navigating this digital landscape together, and together, we’ll outsmart these online scams. If you came across similar scam techniques then share it with me, and I will make sure to let others know about it.

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