On-site digital marketing workshop

Working together in person is better than online meetings. Let’s arrange a workshop to get your hotel brand and digital marketing right.

An intensive, one-week digital marketing workshop with your hotel marketing team.

Let’s set new strategic directions, tackle issues, find opportunities and prepare your hotel marketing team for success.

Personal discussions and workshops are more impactful than emails and video calls. Despite the travel restrictions, we still offer on-site workshops and face-to-face meetings to our consulting clients.

Why not arrange a one-week intensive workshop to improve all aspects of your hotel brand and digital marketing management? We will evaluate your performance, discuss the current workflow with the team, and assess all risks and opportunities before suggesting new strategies.

Are you planning to arrange a visit before starting a long-term program?

Should we sign up for the two-year brand management or the digital marketing program, the cost of this visit will be deducted from the future monthly payments.

Regardless of the agreement we make, our goal will be to support your online brand and business growth. Our commitment, attention, and support are guaranteed.

On-site digital marketing workshop timeline

  • Monday

    • Arrival at the hotel
    • Personal introduction meeting
    • Discussions with the senior hotel management team
  • Tuesday

    • Introduction to the hotel marketing management team
    • Assessing the current state of digital marketing, focusing on workflow, technological capabilities, challenges, reviewing all relevant data and statistics
  • Wednesday

    • Presenting all findings to the hotel management team
    • Preparing strategic recommendations, and discuss potential strategies with the senior management. This covers cost, technological and skill requirements as well as financial improvement projections
  • Thursday

    • Workshops with the marketing team, introducing the new, previously approved strategies and workflows
    • The workshop day includes training, technical discussions, and anything to get the team ready
    • Setting goals, KPIs and project milestones
  • Friday

    • Working with the team to kick off new workflows, answering any questions, and providing hands-on support
    • Wrap-up meeting with the senior hotel management

On-site workshop deliverables

Digital performance evaluation1x
Hotel brand audit by Brand Auditor1x
Digital improvement strategy1x
Project planning1x
Marketing team training1x
Workshop with marketing team1x
Follow-up meetingAfter one month
One-time fee$2,500 (USD)
Travel & accommodation to be covered by the client.
photo of people doing handshakes

Let’s arrange your workshop to upgrade your digital marketing management.

Contact us to discuss a visit and workshop at your hotel. Feel free to ask anything before making any arranagements.

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