Pricing and cooperation

Flexible partnerships, performance based compensation and lots of inclusions: we are a zero-risk solution.

Retainer fee based consulting

A classic consulting partnership for strategic planning and well planned decision making

An ideal low-cost solution for management teams that require occasional support, research or expert advice for the following:

  • Strategic planning
  • Introducing new practices
  • Decision making
  • Regular performance evaluation

Revenue or KPI performance based pricing

Flexible monthly performance based compensation where you pay for results only

Popular solution for companies who prefer a commission based remuneration instead of fixed fees. Depending on our scope of work and the expected performance increase, we can negotiate the following:

  • Performance tiers
  • Incentives
  • Commission
  • Payout caps

One time consultation and project management fees

On-demand project management and consultation without long-term commitments

The best option if your company only needs short term support or occasional input. Depending on the time investment from our end, we will give you a reasonable quote based on your specifications.

Explore a performance based partnership with us. No upfront costs or fixed fees. Contact us today.