About our partnership

Together we can do more. In late 2018 we decided to team up so we can share knowledge, ideas and opportunities. We are a team of independent business and marketing professionals with diverse skills and experiences.

Daniel Diosi

Project lead & consultant

Digital marketing consultant and experienced project manager with nearly 10 years of experience with luxury hotels and resorts.

Maria S. Orlando

Social media & brand management

Experienced social media and brand manager from Sicily. Maria has worked with leading Italian brands in various industries.

Miles Noble

Website design & development

Owner of Design by Altitude, a UK based leading web development company specializing in travel and hospitality projects.

Ibrahim Lirar

Maldives partner

Lirar is an experienced market researcher and a business analyst. He is closely associated with academia and scientific research organisations such as Manta Trust and International Union for Conservation Nature (IUCN).

Mai Huynh

OTA setup & optimization

Travel and hotel e-commerce expert with over 5 years experience with online hotel and travel marketing.