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UserGuest review: hotel website conversion notifications done right

Since the mid 2010s, we have seen many pop-up solutions for hotels, offering increased sale conversion rates on hotel and resort brand websites. There are many. TripTease, Hotels Network and countless others at different price points. 

As a hotel digital marketing consultant I have experience with these. Most of them are average at best, some can be downright disturbing, sabotaging user experience and make expensive brands look like a supermarket brochure full of discounts and offers.

When I first heard about UserGuest I thought it would be just another website notification tool, but it turned out to be a lot better than what I expected. 

I found the following features particularly impressing: 

  • Super easy campaign setup – literally just choosing dates and hitting the on/off switch
  • Very good content management system – uploading creatives and adding text is seamless
  • It does not look cheap like most of the others
  • It can be configured based on a number of variables: geo-location, date search are very important

We did the first test with Ayada Maldives. It was a fantastic success. Shortly after the quick technical setup and configuration of the campaigns, our conversion rate increased by over 60%. That is massive. Considering the high transaction values we have from direct website sales, it made a massive difference in booking revenue.

Additionally, we observed longer session durations on the website, more time spend in the website booking engine, as well as higher conversion rates on our contact forms – which clearly proves that our UserGuest configuration was a great success.

Besides the results I was very impressed by the simplicity of the backend. Despite being super simple to use, it gave fantastic insights based on data from our Google Analytics and website booking engine combined.

I would definitely recommend UserGuest to any hotel brand where website and direct sales are important. 

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