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Want to Feature Your Company? Our Newsletter Can Be Your Launchpad.

When I registered our domain back in 2018, little did I know that over the next few years, our audience would swell to over 13,000 dedicated subscribers. What started as a humble platform to share insights on business, entrepreneurship, and productivity, has now evolved into a thriving community of engaged readers, each one invested in our shared passion for these topics.

Our readers are not just numbers, they are professionals, business owners, and entrepreneurial spirits who actively engage with our content – with each post capturing the attention of over 60% of our subscribers within the first week of publication.

Recognizing the tremendous privilege of reaching such an audience, we pondered on how best to leverage this platform to create additional value. The answer came in the form of sponsored content. But with a twist: instead of setting a fixed fee, we decided to let sponsors pay what they want. From $1 to thousands, the choice was entirely up to our partners. This democratic approach to sponsored content was a hit – it wasn’t long before we had a queue of companies eager to feature in our newsletter.

The unique opportunity to get featured in a blog that has a readymade audience of professionals keen on business and productivity topics created an exciting platform for companies to tell their stories, share their visions, and showcase their innovations.

But the cherry on the cake? All proceeds from the sponsored content go to a cause we hold dear – animal welfare. Every cent paid by our partners to feature their companies goes straight to animal shelters and other organizations working tirelessly to ensure the well-being of animals.

Now, we find ourselves with a queue for features and shoutouts stretching four months in advance. With this demand, we prioritize requests accompanying larger donations. And the best part? Your company gets an engaged audience, our readers get useful content, and animal welfare organizations get much-needed funds.

So, if you’re wondering how to get your company featured in our newsletter, it’s quite simple. All it takes is a useful piece of content and a donation amount of your choosing. In return, you get to share your story with over 13,000 professionals while also contributing to a good cause.

Ready to make your mark? Head over to to learn more about featuring your company in our newsletter.

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