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Weekly Travel Trends Roundup: AI Consultant Bot, Market Dynamics, & SEMrush – June 30, 2023


Welcome back, travel enthusiasts! We’re here with your weekly digital marketing power boost, complete with market trends, tourism insights, a cool marketing tool, and our evergreen tip of the week. The spotlight this week is on our in-house development: Our AI Consultant Assistant is now operational and undergoing testing. In no time, it’ll be commercially available, promising to revolutionize our operations!

Major Market Changes & Trends

We’ve noticed significant shifts: US, UK, and EU arrivals to Asian destinations have markedly decreased, notably in the high-price sectors. Conversely, Europe is seeing a surge in internal tourism. Departures to other continents have experienced a slight downturn, while budget destinations are thriving. Long-haul destinations from Europe see a significant decrease in new bookings and arrivals.

Interesting Tourism Trends

Our attention this week turns to ‘experience tourism’. It’s no longer about just visiting a destination; travelers seek authentic experiences that immerse them in local culture and landscapes. This demand for personalized and unique encounters is pushing travel providers to offer packages that involve local communities, heritage sites, culinary adventures, and more. Not only does this enhance the tourist experience, but it also aids in the sustainable development of local economies. A win-win situation, this trend warrants our keen focus.

Marketing Tool of the Week

This week’s spotlight is on SEMrush, an all-in-one digital marketing tool. Whether it’s SEO, content marketing, competitive research, or social media, SEMrush has got you covered. For instance, you can use it to identify the most effective keywords for your hotel’s website, enabling you to rank higher on search engines and draw more traffic. Its social media tracker also allows you to monitor your competitors’ strategies, thereby enabling you to tweak your own for the better. An essential addition to your marketing arsenal!

Tip of the Week

Our tip this week is about optimizing your ad budget. Utilize tools like Google AdWords to target the most valuable traffic segments for your hotel. For example, if you notice higher engagement from users aged 25-34, it makes sense to focus more of your ad budget on this demographic. AdWords’ Performance Planner can forecast your ad’s performance, helping you to maximize conversions. Always optimize for revenue or number of transactions. Observe larger datasets for more accurate optimization opportunities. Here’s a link to get started!


That’s all we’ve got for you this week. Remember, knowledge shared is knowledge doubled, so don’t forget to pass this newsletter on to your colleagues. We’re always eager to hear your thoughts, so keep the conversation flowing. Until next week, let’s stay ahead of the game!

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